Makita expands laser measuring range

Makita has added a laser distance measure and an additional cross line laser to its laser measuring range. There are now three laser distance measures in the range providing operational capacity for 30, 50 and 80 metres reach. The new cross line laser extends this sector.

For indoor applications
The new Makita LD030P laser distance measure is designed for indoor application with a range from 2m to 30 metres. This is a useful 3-function measure to enable a single measure or distance tracking function and full area calculation. The Class 2 laser generates a marker point that is clearly visible at 30 metres and actually gives a point diameter of 6mm at 10 metres away from the measure. The typical measuring tolerance is +/- 2.0mm at 10 metres distance. Comfortable for hand-held measuring, just 117x53x25mm in size and robustly built with edge protectors, the new Makita LD030P, which is operated by 2 x AAA batteries, has IP54 protection, meets ISO16331-1 certification and is ideal for all interior measurements.

Clear line visibility
The latest cross line laser, the Makita SK104Z, has clear line visibility up to 15 metres and will reach 60 metres with the laser in pulse mode to the deteector. The main benefit on this new model is the increased return of the cross-lines in both vertical and horizontal directions. This means the projection of the lines is not only visible to the front surface, but they are projected back across the ceiling area, floor area, and side walls of a room, ideal for stud work or pipe work applications.

The SK104Z laser includes a pendulum lock for safe transport and it can fix the line to angles if required. Unlocked, the unit will self-level and the beam accuracy is +/-  3mm at 10 metre range. The SK104Z weighs just under half a kilo, is operated by 3 x AA batteries, and has a ¼” tripod thread in the base. This versatile and robustly built laser has two, clear to view cross lines and is supplied as a comprehensive kit with magnetic holding adaptor, target plate, carry pouch and full operating instructions.

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