Cosmos Diamond range

Makita refines Cosmos Diamond range and adds vacuum brazed wheels

Makita’s diamond blade accessory range has been refined by reducing the number of options available in the Cosmos range but expanding the cutting performance of the diamond wheels to handle a greater range of materials.

The Makita Cosmos series now features the Quasar, Comet and Nebula diamond wheels, in total providing 56 alternative cutting wheels.

Top of the range Quasar wheels have the diamonds in the Makita 3D fixed pattern on the cutting rim and stealth sound reduction technology. The Comet range includes the 3D format and cooling vents system, whilst the Nebula wheels are laser welded, random diamond pattern.

The new vacuum brazed material joining technique creates a bond between the diamonds and steel wheels that is stronger than previous bonding methods. This results in faster cutting, greater durability and better suitability across a wider range of materials.

The new Makita vacuum brazed diamond cut off wheels are thin, ranging from 1.3mm thick for the 115mm diameter wheel, to just 1.6mm thick for the 230mm diameter wheel. These wheels are said to deliver up to 57 times more cuts than a standard abrasive cut off wheel and, running dry, will cut 10mm rebar steel and 10mm stainless steel. This blade will also cut PVC and concrete with less sparks and low odour while the steel body helps to prevent accidental damage when dropped or knocked.

The attributes of the vacuum brazed diamond bonding technique are also applied to the new diamond holesaw collection offering 12 holesaws ranging from 16mm diameter to 64mm diameter with complementary shanks, centre drills and SDS-Plus shanks. Faster drilling and increased durability across a wider range of applications can be achieved. These new holesaws are said to be ideal for standard thickness wall and floor tiles, deeper natural stone paving, brick and marble.

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