Makita VC4210M

Makita improves M-class dust extractor

Makita has introduced a new version of its 447M M-Class extractor – the Makita VC4210M which is designed to improve dust extraction at an affordable price.

The updated design has moved the motor, control module and main filter higher up into the upper body housing which increases the tank working capacity. This enables a 30 litre disposable bag to be filled and for wet suction the tank will hold 29 litres before the new, automatic fluid level valve shuts off the motor, protecting the machine from flooding. The tank sits neatly inside the double-wall moulded body housing on big rear wheels and robust front steel castors.

Available in 110v and 240v modes there are three variants: 110v models with and without Power Take Off to drive integrated power tools and a 240v model with Power Take Off. When connected to a power tool, the extractor switches off automatically when the power tool is shut down.

The motor input wattage is 1000W for the 110v model and 1200W for the 240v machine. The 110v model with Power Take Off will provide 1750W for tool power and the 240v model 1800W.

Maximum airflow and filtration performance have been increased for the Makita VC4210M extractor with max air flow now 4.5m³/min. The latest Makita InfiniClean automatic filter cleaning system uses the strong airflow reversed regularly through each of the air filter routes to ensure the durable PTFE filter is kept clear.

Access to the filter is through a new large hatchback port in the rear of the housing, enabling access to the filter without having to remove the motor head. An air flow sensor will bleep a warning if the filter becomes clogged, the tank is full or there is a restriction in the suction pipe.

The Makita VC4210M meets the EU standards of protection demanded of the M-Class dust control regulations – the minimum standard permitted for legally compliant work in construction environments.

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