Makita TD022DSE 7.2v

Powerful pencil drivers

The latest versions of Makita’s 7.2v pencil drill driver and impact driver have a host of enhanced features including more rpm, more tightening torque and enhanced controls.

The pencil screwdrivers weigh just over half a kilo and can be used in either pistol grip mode or as “in-line long handle” powered screwdrivers.

The impact driver is said to be popular for light installation work such as bathrooms or kitchens whilst also being chosen for the manufacturing and assembly of white goods and electronic devices.

The new Makita TD022DSE 7.2v pencil impact driver will now run up to 2,450rpm, deliver up to 3,000 impacts per minute and generate 25Nm of tightening torque, which is sufficient to drive home a M8 standard bolt or machine screw. A new rotary switch conveniently placed on the motor body selects forward variable speed and reverse rotation.

The Makita DF012DSE pencil drill driver has two speed ranges, up to 650rpm with a maximum 3.6Nm of tightening torque on high speed and on low speed up to 200rpm, that can deliver 5.6Nm of torque. With 21 + drill settings selected by the rotating collar on the chuck housing, this ¼” hex drive drill will drive a 5mm hole in steel and 6mm in timber. This high torque accuracy is protected by two auto-stop functions. Low battery power is indicated by a lamp and when this reduces further the motor automatically stops to prevent incomplete fastening. Additionally, when the drive achieves the set torque fastening the clutch is disengaged and drive stops.

Both pencil drivers feature LED job light, ergonomic soft-grip handle and the new 1.5Ah batteries.

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