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What Did We Learn from the Heat Loss Survey?

what did we learn from the heat loss survey youtube thumbnail

After conducting a thorough heat loss survey, Roger has a chat with John and the Heat Geeks to determine the best strategy for installing John's new heat pump.

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Banks Buying Homes ~ What Does It Mean For You?

banks buying homes what does it mean for you youtube thumbnail

The UK housing market has recently witnessed a novel trend: banks increasing interest in the property rental sector. This shift could reshape the housing landscape in the UK, with implications for renters, homeowners, and the economy at large.

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Drax ~ The Eco Friendly Power Station That’s the Opposite

drax the eco friendly power station thats the opposite youtube thumbnail

Drax Power Station, located in North Yorkshire, England, is one of the largest power plants in the UK. It has been a subject of intense debate and scrutiny over its environmental impact and sustainability claims.

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Brick Effect Render – Render That Looks Like Brickwork

brick effect render render that looks like brickwork youtube thumbnail

Brick effect render is a technique used in building construction and design that allows surfaces to mimic the aesthetic of traditional brickwork without using actual bricks. This is typically achieved by applying render, a type of plaster, onto a surface resembling the brick-and-mortar pattern. The process often involves the application of a base coat of render, then carving out brick …

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Hard Hat Awareness Week 2023

hard hat awareness week 2023 youtube thumbnail

🔗 Hard Hat Awareness Week 2023 12th – 18th June 2023 Hard Hat Awareness Week was introduced to drive brain injury awareness through activities encouraging best practices around safety equipment. The impact of a brain injury can be life-changing for the injured person and their wider family and friends. Wearing a hard hat, maintaining and storing it appropriately, and …

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You Won’t Believe What Caused This Problem

you wont believe what caused this problem youtube thumbnail

📪 Ask Skill Builder: Skill Builder viewer Ryan couldn’t figure out why his house was damp and wet under the floorboards. Now he’s found the cause of the problem and it’s incredibly simple. Here’s part one of Ryan’s video: Here’s our message from Ryan: Hi I love your channel and find it really insightful hence why I’m here, …

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Why Does Roger Hate Push Fit Waste Pipe?

why does roger hate push fit waste pipe youtube thumbnail

📪 Ask Skill Builder: Roger looks at some troublesome push-fit pipework in a bathroom. Here’s our message from Mike: Love watching your channel. We are just renovating our bathroom. We’ve been removing as much as we can, but this morning I noticed a leak coming through the kitchen ceiling. Now, the bathroom sink was used and I think I …

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What’s Supporting This Troublesome Chimney?

whats supporting this troublesome chimney youtube thumbnail

📪 Ask Skill Builder: Roger helps Jeff figure out the best approach to making his chimney safe. Jeff’s message: What, if anything, do I need to do about this? Doing up what was the in-law’s house to sell it. The chimney breast was removed from the ground-floor kitchen and 1st-floor bedroom around 50+ yrs ago. My wife and older …

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