How to Easily Remove Shower Mould – Top Life Hacks

This is a brilliant little life hack that will remove shower mould and kill ugly black marks.

Taking Control of the Problem

We’ve been asked how to remove black mould from the silicone around shower trays many times and the solution is almost too easy to believe because it doesn’t involve any scrubbing or elbow grease.

You will need some bleach, toilet or kitchen roll, gloves, eye protection and a few hours where you don’t need to use the shower.

This is something that affects so many people and it’s mould around the shower. Now, it’s a bit of an academic point but the mould exists because of the stuff we wash off our bodies; the skin, all that junk that’s washed away every time we have a shower ends up on that silicone seal.

Now, silicone seal is mould resistant, mildew resistant, forever why it’s one of the ones I use. And although they have these additives in that stop the mould biting into the silicone, it still doesn’t stop it and solve the problem and I heard somebody say the other day, “You’ll never get rid of that mould”.

The example in this video isn’t horrendous, but it’s had a fair amount of work and the customer is telling me that they spend a long time scrubbing and rubbing down to try and get rid of this mould.

Remove Shower Mould

This is actually a ceramic shower tray so it’s absolutely brilliant for resistance to bleach, and you’ve got to be careful that whatever you use doesn’t attack the shower tray; so check that out before you use any treatments.

Get yourself a nice strong bleach and some toilet or kitchen roll. This is a really useful thing to do when you go away on holiday or just away for the weekend, just before you leave and you’ve had your last shower, give it a cleanout. Remember what’s happening here, the mould really loves moisture and warmth and will thrive in most showers or baths.

Now, twist some strips of toilet paper into a poultice (a twisted tight braid if you like). Next, pour the bleach gently down the back behind our poultice; this prevents the bleach from evaporating.

Stay Safe

And now what you’ve got is constant contact with that mould. Make sure (unlike Roger) that you use gloves and eye protection. Get rid of this mould here by using this technique, and then use that daily shower cleaning spray and you will stop it appearing in the first place.

So that’s all there is to it, a very simple tip. Make yourself up a bleach poultice, make sure that your shower tray is not going to be affected by bleach, in other words, check the manufacturer’s instructions. And if it is, then use something else. You can use any kind of mould inhibitor, do the same thing; so long as you’ve got some kind of loo roll around there to hold it.

More Info

There’s a great article over at WikiHow which goes into great detail on How to Remove Bathroom Mold.

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