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Product review: Ecotherm Ecoliner

Gledhill factory

Roger Bisby reports on a job where Ecotherm’s Ecoliner saved the day. We hear a lot about reducing our carbon footprint and saving money on fuel bills but the most noticeable and immediate benefit of insulation is the increased comfort levels. Yes it makes you feel instantly warmer, who knew? The community hall in our case study had the reputation …

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Product review: Hitachi DH25 DAL cordless SDS hammer drill

Hitachi drill

Roger Bisby tests the Hitachi DH25 DAL cordless SDS hammer drill. Hitachi is a power tool manufacturer that often gets overlooked for hammer drills.  I see their  saws out on site and they  do well with the cordless combis but from that evidence alone they don’t seem to have the same share of the hammer market.   When you compare the …

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How to: Fit an electric shower (Bristan Joy)

Bristan Joy shower

This is an instantaneous thermostatic electric shower that’s designed to be easy to fit. It’s a modern-looking case, and it’s designed to cover over existing footprints of showers, so if you’re replacing an electric shower, then hopefully this will cover over all the screw holes; you won’t get involved in any retiling. But here’s the other thing; they make it …

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Dealing with floods

Flooding house

Well we can’t say they didn’t warn us about climate change, more rain, rising seas, extreme weather. The television is full of images of flooded homes and the miserable aftermath. People being interviewed say that they have never known it this bad. Houses that were once considered above the flood plain are now being deluged and everyone is looking for …

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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


I have just read that the number of carbon monoxide poisoning incidents has increased over last year. The reason isn’t entirely clear but I will offer two suggestions. Firstly, the exceptionally cold winter. Nearly all carbon monoxide poisoning is from open-flued appliances such as gas fires. These require a through-flow of fresh air from outside. Natural ventilation which may be …

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Precious Scrap Metal

Scrap metal

Have you noticed any increase in the number of scrap metal men doing the rounds? I certainly have, not least because the scrap metal I had set aside recently on one of my jobs walked off after just ten minutes. Two hours later I had another visit from someone who was similarly interested but this time he didn’t particularly care …

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