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What’s the state of the construction industry post-Brexit?

construction industry post-Brexit

Ian Anfield, managing director for construction audit, contract and payroll provider, Hudson Contract, comments on recent talk of a recession in light of the Brexit vote and  considers the state of the construction industry post-Brexit. “Whether we’re entering a recession or not is a big talking point at the moment. Certainly, we at Hudson Contract have seen that the number …

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Why hard hats are good for you and your family


Apart from George Osborne (who only ever pretends to carry out building jobs) I am not sure I have ever met anyone who enjoys wearing a hard hat and I have to say that as you move away from the big sites it is still something of a rarity to see builders with hard hats, says Roger Bisby. as you …

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The bit that’s missed out on many new roofs – Redland Innofix

Redland tile installation

The Code of Practice for single lap tiles now requires every tile to be mechanically fixed but roofing merchants will tell you that they sell a lot more tiles than clips, which suggests that roofers are not doing the job to code. The implication for the homeowner is that Insurance companies will refuse to pay out on storm damage claims …

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To Google or not to Google? That is the Question

Electrical checks

Some years ago I was working at a house and I discovered that a boiler flue that passed through a floor void had become detached and was leaking into the floor void. I told the householder and she said that both her daughters had once used that bedroom and had become ill. They went to the doctor and he started …

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Tile clip that’s fixed in a click

Innofix Clip

New from Redland is the Innofix Clip which is said to be the only tile clip available that doesn’t need a hammer making it extremely fast and easy to fix. Redland claims it’s up to 40% quicker than using traditional nailed clips. They come ready to use in a magazine style holder ensuring they are tangle-free and can be easily …

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