The Water Level – Best £8 You Ever Spent?

So we’ve covered spirit levels, laser levels and now we look at the oldest of all level measurement technologies, the water level.

How accurate is a water level? Watch Roger and find out.

£8 water level on eBay:

Faithfull Water Level Handyman 10M (33ft):

Water will always find its own level, making these very accurate instruments which are used widely throughout the construction and building industries.

Easy to set up and simple to use, they are designed for single-handed use when simultaneously measuring equal heights at two distant points. A water level is an ideal tool for accurate unsighted room to room measurement or distant levelling when you can’t use a spirit level.

Other applications include working on wall tiling, guttering, landscaping, patios, driveways, fencing and drainage projects.

£500 IMEX LX3DG Line Laser Level:

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