T-rex tape review

Tyrannosaurus tape review

‘Ferociously Strong Tape’ is the strap line on the American made Tyrannosaurus tape or T-rex tape. Roger Bisby took some out and about to try it in a variety of locations and applications. Internet searches throw up some funny connections T-Rex tape may take you to this builders tape or it may take you to a story of someone who has …

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Play it where it lays: Karndean flooring review

Karndean flooring review

Roger Bisby has a go at laying some Karndean flooring under the watchful eye of Karndean laying master Richard Daniels. It seems to me that once you have seen Karndean flooring and recognised its unique look, you just never stop seeing it. For those that don’t know Karndean is a vinyl flooring product made primarily from calcium carbonate (limestone), polyvinyl …

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Festool TS 55 REQ Saw Review: Your questions answered

Festool TS 55 REQ Saw Review:

In this latest video from Skill Builder Roger Bisby answers your questions from Part 1 of the Festool TS 55 REQ Saw review.  

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Button-fix hidden fixings product test


Roger Bisby tries out the Button-fix system. Button-fix is an ingenious secret fixing system for panels of all descriptions. It can be used to secure bath panels, WC panels, wall panelling and even shower panels. It is also used on fitted furniture. Of course you could just get yourself a tube of panel adhesive but the difference is that Button-fix …

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Addex Dustblocker review

Addex Dustblocker review

Roger Bisby had a  Dustblocker from Addex on test for a month and found he didn’t want to let it go. The ultimate seal of approval for me must be when I end up buying a product that I have tested. Yes, I admit, I sometimes get a deal, but I obviously have to justify the purchase to my accountant …

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Gloves standard set to change

Changes to glove standards

During the second half of 2016, a new version of EN388, the mechanical hazards standard  for protective gloves will be published. One of the key changes to the standard is that it will now include back of the hand protection and it should make it easier to identify which gloves offer which level of protection. From 21 April 2018, new …

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These boots were made for working: Grubs boots review

Grubs boots review

Not usually a “wellies man”, Roger Bisby is pleasantly surprised by the new Grubs boots. The only issue he seems likely to have is keeping hold of them. If  a family has been making footwear since 1776  you can safely assume they have worked out how to do it. The Foster family has not only produced an impressive number of  inventions such …

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Smig Plaster Review

Smig plaster

Roger Bisby finds that Smig ready mixed joint filler and finishing plaster from Polish company Megaron offers an ideal  product for decorators, plumbers and electricians looking for a convenience plaster to do the odd bit of making good. A few months ago I went out on site to see a demonstration of a polymer spray finish plaster. The product in question was …

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Speedskim review – updated

Speedskim review

Since our first look at Speedskim the range is now being distributed by Ox Tools. It is fair to say that the Speedskim is not for everyone as some plasterers simply could not adapt to it but for those plasterers who have embraced it the main benefit is they can complete the laying down of finish plaster without the trowel. …

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Scangrip Nova work lights review

Scangrip Nova work lights

Although they’re not the cheapest models on the market, Roger Bisby finds the Scangrip Nova work lights are built to last. Two or three (time flies) years ago I went to review some Scangrip LED work lights which shine their powerful beam under the name of Nova. I was so impressed that I bought a pair together with stands and …

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