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How To Solder Copper Pipes Like A Pro

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Roger shows us how to solder copper pipework like a pro. Fluxuator Dual Head Flux Applicator 15mm & 22mm 🛒 Pipestation Map Plus Pro Blow Torch 🛒 LA-CO Cool Gel Heat Barrier Spray 🛒 SPRAYZ Large 500ml Spray Bottle 🛒 ___________________________________ Check out James @plumberparts Plumberparts Amazon Shop 🛒 00:00 Preparation 01:54 Applying flux 02:56 …

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How to Solder Copper Pipework Without Leaks

How to Solder

In this ten minute video, Roger shows us how to solder copper pipework and achieve leak-free plumbing that will last. “The first thing is cleaning the pipe. If you got a bit of tarnished pipe like some of this which I have just taken out of the shed, it really is no good, even with self-cleaning fluxes. That won’t polish …

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The Heat is on – Hot Work Fires on the Rise

Avoiding Work Fires

Hot work fires on construction sites are on the rise. CHAS, the supply chain risk management experts, explain what you need to remember when undertaking this type of work. More than a quarter of all accidental fires on construction sites are sparked by ‘hot work’, according to Freedom of Information data obtained by insurer Zurich. Combustible materials can be easily …

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