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How to Install Low Profile Underfloor Heating ~ ProWarm LoFlo

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The Underfloor Heating Store ~ ProWarm LoFlo Discover ProWarm™ LoFlo™, the ultimate slim underfloor heating solution designed for laying over existing floors without requiring extensive renovations. Perfect for multi-zone applications, ProWarm™ offers personalized comfort with a thermostat for each room, ensuring efficient heating across 20m² zones. With only 18mm depth required, it’s ideal for new builds and renovation projects, …

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35A Extension #9 ~ Underfloor Heating & Tiles

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Roger and Steve prepare the floor and install the underfloor heating system while Matthew lays the pillow edged travertine tiles on the 35A Extension.

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Omnie LowBoard 15 Underfloor Heating

Omnie Lowboard 15

The first floor is completed using Omnie LowBoard 15. LowBoard is a 15mm thick square-edged wood board water underfloor heating panel floated or mechanically fixed over a flat and even timber or solid subfloor.

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What Does This Heat Pump Installer Have at Home?

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Roger has a chat about hybrid heat pumps with Heat Geek Tommy Jones from Alton & Jones Heating Solutions. @HeatGeek _____________________________________ Intergas Xtend – the hybrid The hybrid heating system that will revolutionise home heating. Not only is it a serious energy saver, cutting gas consumption by up to 82.5%, but Xtend provides all the comfort of a …

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What Can You Do About a Freezing Cold Conservatory?

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With their large expanses of glass, Conservatories are often subject to significant temperature fluctuations. Various methods exist to improve their warmth, ranging from glazing upgrades to heating solutions and insulation techniques.

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Watch This Before Extending Your Home (common mistake)

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Ventilating the sub floor in your house properly, will help to prevent damp and moisture damage, plus the installation cost isn’t very high. In this video, Roger looks at a badly prepared floor where the ventilation has been compromised.

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Heat Pump Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know

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Roger Joins Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2 to Discuss Air Source Heat Pumps Heat pump manufacturers installation instruction manuals 🔗 Daikin: 🔗 AeroMax: 🔗 Grant: USING AN AIR SOURCE HEAT PUMP FOR HEATING Heat pumps work best when there’s less of a difference between the inside and outside temperatures. In much the same way that …

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Can You Really Cut Your Heating Bills & Save Money?

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Underfloor Heating Playlist Mighton weatherstripping, staff and parting bead

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