TorFloor Suspended Underfloor Heating from Omnie

We’ve covered lots of underfloor heating systems but this one is a little different because it provides a structural deck and underfloor heating in one system.

Floor and Heating System in One

TorFloor suspended is the only independently tested structural underfloor heating panel. The multi-directional 22mm panels are laid directly onto the joists, replacing the need for traditional floor decks and making ordering and installation easy.

A 6mm ply covering layer is then glued and screwed to the TorFloor panels to complete the floor.

Easy installation

The TorFloor batten underfloor heating system is manufactured from flooring grade chipboard or plywood and replaces the floor deck used in the construction. The TorFloor panels are laid directly on the joists.

The pipe is then installed by piercing through the pre-bonded aluminium diffuser strips into the channels with the ends of each circuit dropping into the joist space to be connected to a common 12mm flow and return.

Alternatively, the system can be installed as a continuous system by feeding the 12mm pipe through the joist space if access permits.

Improved Performance and Heat Output

TorFloor underfloor heating panels are provided with pre-installed aluminium diffusers which improve the heat output and energy efficiency compared to other systems. The pipes within the panel are designed to fit as close to the floor finish as possible which further maximises the heat output of the panels whilst minimising the temperature of the water being used.

The TorFloor system is optimised to work in conjunction with Omnie heat pumps.

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