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Detachable Holster Pockets In Snickers’ New LiteWork Stretch Trousers

Snickers Workwear logo

Leading where others follow, Snickers Workwear stretch fabrics deliver unrivalled comfort and close quarter mobility on site. Snickers Workwear’s hi-tech fabrics and body-mapping designs give plenty of scope for every professional craftsman and woman to stretch their performance on site comfortably. Designed for a wide variety of jobs on site, these LiteWork 4-way stretch work trousers are the ideal choice …

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Tough STUD Tape Measure from Milwaukee

Milwaukee sponsors this test of the STUD Tape Measure. See Roger & Robin use it on their latest summer house building project. #MilwaukeeTools #TapeMeasure #Woodworking

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Has Building Control Lost Control?

One of Margaret Thatcher’s less noticeable privatisations was Building Control. It didn’t really have the headline catching qualities of gas or water and there was no bonanza for those lucky enough to buy shares in what was essentially a lottery. Nevertheless, it has had similar deep routed unintended consequences for those it affects. Many people in the building industry could …

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Broken Sewer Nightmare Thames Water Won’t Fix

Thames Water sewage problems. Roger visits the home of a desperate Skill Builder viewer who contacted us to seek advice on a clogged sewer repair problem that Thames Water refuses to help him further with after two attempts at fixing it. Thames Water plc can be found using these links: Facebook: Twitter: Frequent searches related to Thames Water …

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Robin Installs the Lindab MVHR System – Capel #13

The Testo commissioning device was also supplied by and is available to buy from Lindab. What is MVHR and why is Robin so excited to have it as part of the Capel Build? Special thanks go to Lindab for helping Robin commission the system and make sure it is working perfectly. #Lindab #MVHR #CapelBuild

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Do You Know How Plastic Pipe is Made? PIPELIFE

Team SB travels to Cork in the south of Ireland to visit the Pipelife factory and discover how they make their Easy-Lay PB barrier pipe. #PIPELIFE #Plumbing #EasyLay

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Robin’s Building Progress Update – Capel #11

Robin is getting closer to completing his own project in Capel and he gives us a tour to show us why it’s taking so long to complete. LINKS TO MVHR SYSTEM COMING SOON – ROBIN HAS ONE LAST STAGE TO COMPLETE #RobinClevett #SelfBuild #CapelBuild ================================================ Tell us what you like: Get in touch, send us your pictures and videos: …

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4 Ways to Attract More Women into the Construction Sector

4 Ways to Attract More Women

Kelly Friel, Digital Product Manager at industry and trade suppliers Zoro, offers her advice for attracting the talents of this under-utilised workforce. Women are shockingly under-represented in the construction sector. Currently, only 3% of manual trades, 5% of engineering, 8% of haulage and 12% of professional construction roles are filled by women (Innovate UK), which means that the skills and …

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Ugly Monocouche Render Stains – Roger’s Rant

Time for another one of Roger’s Rants. He has seen too many stained Monocouche renders and wants to share his thoughts. #Monocouche #RogerRant

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Is Off-site Construction the Future?

Is Off-site Construction the Future of Construction

What is off-site construction? Off-site construction is the completion of elements or components for a structure at another location in a factory environment. Sometimes these components are assembled before being delivered to site. The off-site construction factories can either be permanent factories or ‘flying’ factories. ‘Flying’ factories are temporary facilities set up for a specific project and then moved once …

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