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HB42 ‘All-in-One’ Sealant & Adhesive

HB42 All-in-One Sealant & Adhesive

Roger Bisby thinks he knows why, historically, we had so little faith in adhesives and why it has now changed. During my many years in the building industry, there has been a long and steady improvement in adhesives but I don’t think I am alone in thinking that for much of that time the promises and claims made by manufacturers …

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Makita Expands CXT Range with 12v WR100DZ Ratchet Wrench

Makita WR100DZ Ratchet Wrench 12v

Makita’s new cordless ratchet wrench is a versatile, compact and lightweight tool suitable for use across a wide range of applications and ideal for accessing tight spaces. With a number of innovative features included, the WR100DZ has been designed to ensure optimum efficiency and operator productivity. The WR100DZ ratchet wrench utilises Makita’s CXT Compact eXtreme Technology (CXT), making this an …

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Makita DRV250Z

Leading power tool manufacturer Makita has added two new rivet guns to its power tool range. The DRV150Z and DRV250Z include Makita’s innovative LXT battery technology and brushless motor for maximum efficiency. The DRV150Z and DRV250Z are both powered by Makita’s 18V LXT batteries, which offer industry-leading run times and charge times, improving on-site efficiency. LXT means that the DRV150Z and …

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Milwaukee Rear Handle Circular Saw for Wood

Robin checks out something from Milwaukee that he’s been waiting a long time for! The Milwaukee M18 FCSRH66 Rear Handle Circular Saw is something we’ve enjoyed using and in this video you’ll see why. This video is proudly sponsored by Milwaukee. FEATURES Delivers the power to rip cut at the same feed rate of an equivalent AC circular saw, with …

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Perovskites – Ideal for Optoelectronic Applications

Goodfellow Optoelectronic cables end

Huntingdon, UK … 8 January 2020 … Goodfellow is pleased to announce the availability of their new range of Perovskites, a group of materials that demonstrate great potential for optoelectronic applications.   Perovskites have a unique and versatile crystal structure that consists of a variation in the chemical formula ABX3. Many Perovskites occur as oxides (ABO3), where A and B are …

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SDS-PLUS MX4 Drill Bits from Milwaukee

Roger checks out Milwaukee’s SDS-Plus MX4 Drill Bits to see if they can cope with his tough drilling tests. #MilwaukeeTools #PowerTools #DrillBits

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Milwaukee Redstick Backbone Box Levels

Robin and Roger check out Milwaukee’s range of Redstick spirit levels on their latest builds. #MilwaukeeTools #Woodworking #REDSTICK

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Heavy Duty SAWZALL Recip Blades from Milwaukee

Milwaukee sponsored video in which Roger thoroughly tests the range of Sawzall reciprocating blades by cutting through tough thick metals. Milwaukee blades tested include: Thick Metal Heavy Duty Torch Blade with Carbide Teeth The AX Heavy Duty Demolition Blade The Torch Blade #MilwaukeeTools #Metalworking #PowerTools

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Alfie Secure Shower Head Fixings – Capel #14

Perfect, watertight, secure connection between pipework and fittings: Robin is joined by Ty Harnett to look at getting a really secure fixing for his showerheads to make them strong enough for chin-ups! A faster, more robust and watertight connection for securing fixed shower heads, shower hose wall fittings, wall mounted taps and bar shower valves, WC’s and hand basins. …

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Robin Installs the Lindab MVHR System – Capel #13

The Testo commissioning device was also supplied by and is available to buy from Lindab. What is MVHR and why is Robin so excited to have it as part of the Capel Build? Special thanks go to Lindab for helping Robin commission the system and make sure it is working perfectly. #Lindab #MVHR #CapelBuild

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