New Products

SDS-PLUS MX4 Drill Bits from Milwaukee

Roger checks out Milwaukee’s SDS-Plus MX4 Drill Bits to see if they can cope with his tough drilling tests. #MilwaukeeTools #PowerTools #DrillBits

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Milwaukee Redstick Backbone Box Levels

Robin and Roger check out Milwaukee’s range of Redstick spirit levels on their latest builds. #MilwaukeeTools #Woodworking #REDSTICK

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Heavy Duty SAWZALL Recip Blades from Milwaukee

Milwaukee sponsored video in which Roger thoroughly tests the range of Sawzall reciprocating blades by cutting through tough thick metals. Milwaukee blades tested include: Thick Metal Heavy Duty Torch Blade with Carbide Teeth The AX Heavy Duty Demolition Blade The Torch Blade #MilwaukeeTools #Metalworking #PowerTools

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Alfie Secure Shower Head Fixings – Capel #14

Perfect, watertight, secure connection between pipework and fittings: Robin is joined by Ty Harnett to look at getting a really secure fixing for his showerheads to make them strong enough for chin-ups! A faster, more robust and watertight connection for securing fixed shower heads, shower hose wall fittings, wall mounted taps and bar shower valves, WC’s and hand basins. …

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Robin Installs the Lindab MVHR System – Capel #13

The Testo commissioning device was also supplied by and is available to buy from Lindab. What is MVHR and why is Robin so excited to have it as part of the Capel Build? Special thanks go to Lindab for helping Robin commission the system and make sure it is working perfectly. #Lindab #MVHR #CapelBuild

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Why Does Robin Love Liquid Screed? – Capel #12

It’s time for the screed to go down on the Capel Build now and Robin couldn’t be more excited. He’s been using liquid screed from for around 10 years and in this video, you’ll find out why he thinks it’s the perfect solution, especially for screeding over underfloor heating. SHOW LINKS Southern Screed The Underfloor Heating Company Discount …

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HMT VersaDrive – High Speed Hole Cutting

Info and prices: Roger catches a demo of the HMT VersaDrive hole cutting and tapping system to speed up fixing in steel. Drilling and tapping in metal plate or steel beams is often done with a mag drill but this range of bits is designed to work with an impact wrench. Even misaligned holes can be rectified.

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Snickers Workwear’s NEW Hoodies and Sweatshirts

Snickers Hoodie Sweats

The new range of Hoodies and Sweatshirts for craftsmen and women are probably the most comfortable we’ve ever designed. The ‘Full Zip’ or ‘Overhead’ Sweatshirt and Hoodie choices are ideally combined with Snickers’ First and Second Layer Undergarments and can comfortably be worn under a jacket on chilly days. Street-smart and great for on-site or leisure activities there’s a range …

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Triton Geared Sander Test Review

Triton Geared Eccentric Orbital Sander

Roger Bisby revs up with the Triton Geared Eccentric Orbital Sander. Ah! life can get very confusing. No sooner do we all get used to a random orbit and then Triton comes out with ‘eccentric’ orbit. When does an orbit cease being random and become eccentric or is it the other way round? Is there a difference? So many questions …

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Hellberg Safety – SECURE Active – Active Listening Headsets

Hellberg Safety – SECURE Active

Hellberg Safety specialist PPE products include highly advanced hearing protection products, face protection and communication solutions for personal wellbeing on site. The SECURE ACTIVE headsets enable workers to communicate safely with colleagues, hear signals and other important information while protected from hazardous noise. The built-in, level-dependent microphones provide perfect directional hearing with an electronic protection system that limits all sounds …

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