#14 ~ Plumber Chat with James from Plumberparts

Podcast 14

When plumbers get together, this is what they talk about. Roger and James Lawrence from Plumberparts discuss plumbing and life in general. Subscribe to Plumberparts: youtube.com/user/plumberparts

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#13 ~ Plastic Pipe FAQ with Pipelife

Pipe FAQ with Pipelife

Roger has a chat with Chris Wormald from Pipelife to look at the common misconceptions with plastic pipe. Pipelife is a leading manufacturer & provider of plastic piping systems. Specialising in the extrusion of polyethylene (PE) pipes Pipelife offers industry-leading products for the heating & plumbing, water pressure, electricity, cable ducting, gas and agricultural sectors. Drawing on over 45 years …

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#12 ~ Business Management Technology

Podcast 12 with Gabriel Pinchev CEO of FieldPulse

If you’re on the tools all day every day and you have a business to run, you might need some help from some of the many digital tools available for job site coordination. Roger talks to Gabriel Pinchev, the CEO of FieldPulse, an all-in-one trades field management software solution. Further reading: FieldPulse All-in-One Contractor Software to Manage Your Business www.fieldpulse.com …

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#11 ~ Attitude & Work Ethics

Attitude & Work Ethic

Have you got the right mental attitude and work ethics in the workplace? Roger and Robin, fresh back from their summer holidays, jump back into podcast action and tackle the subject of having the right attitude and work ethics. We’ve worked with some great people and some shockers, some of who are described in this episode. Find out what Roger …

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#10 ~ Keeping Track & Organisation

Keeping Track & Organisation

Robin & Roger are back with another podcast episode to help you in your everyday work life and we’re looking at getting organised and keeping track of materials, time and even ‘people’. We’ve managed to get to 10 episodes without mentioning Brexit but we slipped in this episode so sorry about that, it’s only a little bit! Transcript to follow.

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#9 ~ Mental Health & Dealing with Stress

Podcast 9 - Mental Health

The podcast is back and we’re tackling mental health, depression and anxiety. The building industry has a huge problem with mental health issues and its workforce suffers more than average. Let us know how you’re handling your demons and share any advice and tips that help you in your day-to-day life. Some good articles worth reading: 10 Best Ways to …

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#8 ~ Dealing With Disasters & Insurance

Dealing with disasters

So far in the Skill Builder podcast, we have talked about how wonderful and clever Roger and Robin are so it’s time to embrace the power of vulnerability. In episode 8 the guys talk about their worst nightmares coming true in jobs that didn’t go according to plan. The two Rs also have a bit of a ding dong over …

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#7 ~ How to Find a Good Builder

Finding a Good Builder

We know from the comments on our YouTube channel that many of you find it hard to track down a good builder for your extension projects and general building work. In this episode, we offer some solutions beyond the usual first port of call for most people which are the trades recommendation websites. If you prefer to find your builder, …

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#6 ~ Fly Tipping & Getting Rid of Rubbish

Podcast #6 ~ Fly Tipping, a Load of Rubbish!

Another subject that fires-up Roger and Robin is fly-tipping and the irresponsible disposal of waste material from the building site. Responsible waste disposal is not cheap, so what can you do?

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#5 ~ Dealing With Customer Complaints

Dealing With Customer Complaints

Dealing with customer complaints can be the hardest part of any job, so it’s time for Roger and Robin to share their experiences and tips on how to handle customer complaints.

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