Big Wipes Go Anti-Viral

The market-leading Big Wipes brand is known for its unmatched cleaning power, packing a punch to grease, grime, and bacteria on the go.

Now that punch is even bigger, as Big Wipes achieves anti-viral accreditation. They are the first industrial-grade cleaning wipes in the UK to gain EN14476, the stringent European anti-viral standard for chemical disinfectants.

‘Big Wipes are now EVEN BETTER,’ explains Nigel Dibbo, Big Wipes Managing Director. ‘Still with their unique combination – high-tech cleaning power with a dermatologically tested, antibacterial formula – but now fully lab-tested to have proven effectiveness against Coronavirus. There’s some strong science at work here.’

This is a game-changer for our customers supplying the building services industry, especially as the market opens up again post-Covid.’

Big Wipes Heavy-Duty

This really does make Big Wipes the all-in-one toolkit essential. Building services contractors can now issue and use just ONE product to clean and disinfect wherever they are working.

A truly portable all-in-one solution. They keep the team clean, the workplace clean and importantly disinfect as they go, for ongoing worksite protection against Coronavirus.

All Big Wipes are now “PT1” and “PT2” registered making them suitable for the disinfection and sanitisation of both hands and surfaces at the same time.

No more multiple products for specialist surface cleaning, safe hand cleaning and sanitiser to disinfect.

Big Wipes does it all – one product, one job, saving time and money and giving customers the assurance that everyone remains safe.

‘Brilliantly, the certification is also retrospective which means that just about every Big Wipes product in use & in our customers’ branches & warehouses is immediately antiviral.

Just look out for the letters ‘BW’ printed after the batch code on every tub.’

Check out the Big Wipes antiviral product range:

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