Professional Image With Your Trade Business

How to Project a Professional Image With Your Trade Business

With rogue tradespeople damaging the sector’s image, Andrew Dark, from branding and custom clothing experts Custom Planet, shares some tips for projecting a professional image to clients.

One of the most frustrating problems that the trade business has had over the years has been rogue tradespeople. Whether it’s a bogus glazer stealing money from the elderly, or a plumber who hasn’t had the right training doing a bad job and charging double, it’s always been damaging to the sector.

Currently, we live in a time where almost 90% of people fear having to hire a tradesperson (Simply Business), and where the COVID lockdown has seen a rise in the level of fraud, with 2,100 cases reported between February and June (Action Fraud). So, what can be done to win trust? Well, you can start by building a professional image — here are some tips on how to do it.

Creating a brand customers can trust

One of the first things you should look to do if you want to create a trustworthy image for your firm is to build up a recognisable brand. This means deciding on a logo that represents your business, as well as deciding how you want your branding to be stylised across the board.

The thinking behind this is that, as you continue to surpass expectations and get rave reviews, clients will see your branding and associate it with quality work. A logo and branding will also make a good impression on new customers, as they’ll see your business as more professional from the outset.

Creating an impactful logo can be tricky, so you may need to speak to an expert in design. This guide from 99designs provides an in-depth look at the process if you want to go it alone. Once you have a logo, you can decide on the other elements of your brand to bring everything together. Then, you can go about showing it off wherever you can, from letterheads to the side of your van.

Building the right professional image with a uniform

An area where your branding should be represented is with your staff uniform. A well-placed logo and company name can reassure a customer when one of your employees turns up at their door, as well as provide a nice bit of publicity for passers-by.

However, a staff uniform is more than just an item of clothing with a logo on it. Everything, from the colours you choose to the type of clothes, can affect how your brand is perceived. For instance, a blue uniform can convey feelings of calmness, intelligence, and trustworthiness, while a black one can send out signals of security, safety, and efficiency.

If your employees are suitably kitted out in a smart polo shirt and workwear trousers, a client will likely be impressed with the fact that your uniform looks put together, as well as being suitable for the job at hand. I recommend reading Custom Planet’s guide to using a uniform to improve brand reputation and customer service to find out more.

Making your presence and reviews visible

Another way to build trust with customers through your image is by showing them you have a solid brand that is visible and transparent. A big part of this will be down to creating a website that is in-line with your brand, but also shows important information like pricing, contact details, and reviews. You should also aim to be as visible as possible on social media, where you can respond to queries and post images of your excellent work. If you can, try to include customer reviews, either on your site or by signing up to an independent service or trusted tradesperson directory.

Doing all of this will prove to potential customers that your business is credible and you’re willing to interact with your clients and share transparent feedback.

Rogue traders may have harmed the reputation of tradespeople, but there are ways to build trust by projecting a professional image. Follow my tips to start boosting your brand.

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