3 reasons why builders should apply for business awards

Three Reasons Why Builders Should Apply for Business Awards

Caroline Pegden from TempaGoGo, an online temporary recruitment marketplace helping construction companies and builders find temporary staff easily, shares three reasons why builders should apply for business awards.

Have you ever considered applying for a business award? If you haven’t, you should! There are more than 65 construction-focused business awards to pick from every year in the UK, and many more in other categories that might be relevant to you too (e.g., local Chambers of Commerce, regional awards).

Here is why…

  1. Establish credibility

Winning an award is a great way to gain external validation for your product or services.

Adding the award logo to your company’s website and your email’s signature is an easy way to help you gain trust from prospective customers.

  1. Gain more customers, for free

Even if you are only shortlisted for an award, you can easily promote this event on social media, your website, your newsletters and blogs. Don’t forget to post the news on LinkedIn too. These are all very powerful ways to get your name out in your business and local community and get new customers, for free.

  1. Attract future employees

If you’re a small business, it can be hard to compete against the big names of the industry to retain your existing staff, and attract new employees.

Winning an award can help you motivate your existing staff, giving them pride in what your company is achieving, especially if they have the opportunity to attend the gala dinner.

It is also a great way to attract future staff, at a time where the war for talent is rife.

Where to apply for awards?

There are hundreds of business awards available in the industry. For most, it is free to enter. You generally only have to pay if you want to attend the awards ceremony dinner.

Firstly, find the awards that are relevant to you. Take a look at your local Chamber of Commerce’s awards as well as the specific awards for the Construction and Building industry.

Secondly, plan ahead. Writing good applications takes time so carve out sufficient time in your agenda to write.

Finally, don’t be shy about your achievements. Explain your performance, how you contribute to your local or business community and share some of your customers’ testimonials.

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