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An Introduction to the Most Important Concrete Types

Concrete stairs and wall

To put a number on it, there are over 10-15 different types of concrete used nowadays. This is more than what a small construction crew will likely ever need, but each type is essential for large scale construction companies that operate on multiple levels. Before we get down to discussing details regarding the surprisingly high number of variations in concrete, …

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The heat is on – Hot Work Fires on the Rise

Cut metal with a Angular grinding machine. Sparks are flying. Co

Hot work fires on construction sites are on the rise. CHAS, the supply chain risk management experts, explain what you need to remember when undertaking this type of work. More than a quarter of all accidental fires on construction sites are sparked by ‘hot work’, according to Freedom of Information data obtained by insurer Zurich. Combustible materials can be easily …

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Scaffold Configuration: Does My Project Need a Bespoke Design?

Building construction site with scaffolding

Scaffold design is a complex and often painstaking business, involving a fairly weighty set of calculations intended to demonstrate the strength and stability (or otherwise) of the proposed structure. It is a matter of legal compliance that all scaffolds have to be able to demonstrate they conform to minimum standards, which in practice sounds as if there is no option …

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Head for safety: unlock the associated benefits of great head protection

V-Gard® 930 Non-Vented Protective Cap

By Mackenzie Peters, Global Product Group Manager, HEFH at MSA Safety About MSA Safety MSA Safety is a global designer, manufacturer and supplier of industry-leading safety products, including its iconic V-Gard® head protection range used by millions of workers in the toughest environments the world over. Our head and the brilliantly complex brain it protects are integral to everything we …

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Look After Your Hearing – With Proper Protection

Ear Protection

Peter Dumigan, managing director of the Hultafors Group UK, owners of Snickers Workwear, Solid Gear Safety Footwear and Hellberg Safety PPE writes: Long term damage to your hearing can be caused by the noise from regular daily use of even the most basic hand tools – drills, angle grinders, disc cutters, circular saws, even hammers – if you don’t wear …

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High Tech Systems to Add to Your Home for Maximum Safety

CCTV Cameras

Home security has never been more accessible, thanks to the app-enabled upheaval that’s been going on for over a decade now. The myriad professional monitoring systems and DIY devices can make your head spin. It’s hard to tell which ones are worth considering. Home security providers can make comparison shopping quite difficult. However, the market is beginning to crystalise. Here …

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4 Points to Ponder for a Clean Home and a Clearer Mind

Man cleaning window at home

Are you always wondering why stress worsens each time you come home to a dishevelled and grimy place? Most of us, if not all, experience this kind of stress every single day of our lives. Well, you’re not alone. Due to a “materialistic mindset,” people tend to buy anything they want without control, unable to see that it will only …

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Retired Teacher Opens the Door on Shared Ownership

Retired teacher opens the door on shared ownership

Of the 600 homes which the council is delivering in the next five years, 20% will be for shared ownership. In the first such scheme run by City of York Council, 17 homes have already been sold and 40 more applicants are in the process of buying a share. A retired York teacher who has bought a half share in …

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How Improvements in Clothing Technology Help Protect Us From Enduring Harsh Weather Conditions

Two male athlete running on winter alley in Park

When the most recent polar vortex hit the United States, you may have noticed that many people—but not all—stopped working. There were a significant number of workers braving the brutal cold, working in -50F to keep public roads clear and de-ice airport runways. It seems incredible that someone could work efficiently in such extreme weather conditions, let alone survive. Yet, …

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What is The Future of Software in The Construction Industry?

Businessman Using Tablet at Construction Site

Shaking and remodelling the whole industry, through the development of digital technology, constructors can order brick and mortar to finding skilled labour all through mobile technology whilst on the go, a huge game-changer. But what about the rise and development of software? Changing and developing as time progresses. Through the rise of robotic equipment and BIM modelling, how the construction …

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