Planning A Garden Refurbishment: What To Consider

Gardens are a prominent feature of many homes and can even add value. Potential buyers are drawn to properties with a garden space, especially those well cared for.

Properties with a garden that looks unruly can be off-putting. Ensuring that the garden is presentable and appealing when preparing a property for the market is a must!

Why leave a garden refurbishment when you are selling a property? You could update your garden and prepare it for the warmer months to enjoy when the weather improves.

Refurbishing your garden can easily be done with careful planning, and here’s what you should consider.

Measure The Space

Before you get swept up in the excitement of buying plants and furniture for your garden, start by measuring the space and seeing what you have available.

If you have an idea about what you want to achieve with your garden refurbishment, measuring the space will help show you whether your visions can be achieved.

The last thing you want is to purchase everything only to discover you do not have enough space!

Establish A Budget

With your measurements on hand, you can look at what materials you need to help you refurbish your garden.

What you will notice, and what can easily be done, is how quickly the project cost can increase with every item you find for your garden, whether it be new fencing, planters, plants, or decorations.

Before you add anything to your online basket, or go out and purchase anything for your garden, establish a budget to stick to as closely as possible for the refurbishment.

You could break it down further into how much can be spent on specific items. Having this budget will help you avoid overspending and only invest in the items you need.

Use A Mixture Of Pots And Baskets

When you envision the final result for your garden refurbishment, are you picturing an outdoor space blooming with flowers of different colours?

If so, consider where all of these blossoming flowers will be planted. You could go the traditional route of plant pots, or you could choose to go with hanging baskets.

With hanging baskets, you can place them at various heights around the garden, attaching them to the fences, the side of the shed, or your home.

Placing them at various heights helps to add dimension and attracts a person’s eye line upwards.

You could even invest in one of the garden sleepers available at sites like Suregreen.

From oak sleepers to wooden sleepers, there is a vast selection, meaning you will likely find the perfect option for your garden.

With garden sleepers, you can use them to help separate the garden into different zones and fill them with various flowers.

Create A Social Space

As mentioned, thanks to your choice of garden sleepers, you can use these to create zones in your garden.

One of the top priorities for the garden refurbishment was to add a social space to use when the weather gets warmer.

Like many Brits, we envision summer as spending copious amounts of time sitting outside in the garden and enjoying whatever warm weather we may have.

To maximise the enjoyment of the brighter days, we often invite friends and family over for BBQs and drinks but also to socialise!

When we imagine days in our garden, we may envision ourselves sitting in the outdoor social space we have created. As you plan your garden refurbishment, consider how you will incorporate a social space.

Consider whether you want the space to be on the grass, patio or decking, but also where this seating would be in the garden. Think about how much sunlight it will get and how close you want it to be to your house.

Some of these questions you might consider when measuring your garden are to see how much space you have.

When you know how much space there is and where the social space will be, you can begin looking for what garden furniture you will use to decorate the space.

Keep In Mind Garden Maintenance

Once all the work has been completed, the end result will likely be how you envisioned it. It is a space full of colour, plants of varying sizes, a seating area for all to gather, fencing to add privacy and a pathway to guide you around the garden.

However, whilst this might look picture-perfect to start with, it is crucial that you maintain it. If you are new to gardening, reading up on tips and tricks to help you care for your garden will be a tremendous help.

Learning more about gardening will enable you to keep your garden in ideal condition, and most of all, enjoy the space you have invested time and money into refurbishing.

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