Home Furnishing Ideas To Help Complete Your Latest Room Renovation

Creating vision boards for your dream room renovations is an enjoyable pastime. Investing the time and funds into redesigning areas of your home is a big step.

This could be adding a fresh coat of paint, changing the flooring, adding new units, or knocking down walls to create open-plan living spaces.

Renovating any area of your home is an exciting time. It can mark fresh beginnings in a new space, allowing you to create new memories in these newly renovated rooms.

Once the new floor has been laid, the paint has dried, the units installed, and the wiring updated, you can begin looking at furnishing your home. Naturally, you might already have a plan, but here are a few ideas to help you along the way.

Don’t Forget The Switches And Sockets

When we think of home furnishings, we immediately think of larger pieces of furniture that occupy the space. These large items will help to tie the space together, bringing the visions for the room to life. However, it is the small details that help to make the difference.

Choosing blinds over curtains or a warm light bulb instead of a bright white light bulb can help complete a room renovation. Another is choosing the types of switches and sockets.

As you can imagine, it is easy to forget to choose the switches and sockets type. The switches and sockets you choose can help to emphasise the aesthetic you have for your home and each room, hence why they should be remembered.

For instance, if the home’s overall aesthetic is minimalistic, you could choose to have Perspex light switches and sockets to fit in with the clean and simple style of the rest of your house.

Look at Corston’s clear switches and sockets designs to see what options you could use. Even though switches and sockets are just a small detail, they can help to have a noticeable difference in a space. Ultimately, it can help to complete a room renovation.

Accessorise With Lighting Features

Staying on the topic of lighting, after choosing the light switches and sockets for the spaces, consider your lighting options. For example, will your kitchen feature spotlights? Do you prefer under-cabinet lighting? Are you debating between panel lights or statement pendant lights?

All of these choices can enhance the aesthetic of the room. Aside from main lighting sources, will you have lamps placed at the side of beds, in the corner of the living room or in a hallway to help offer a bit of light to a dark space?

Your choice of lamps and how they are placed can help in completing the room renovation. It can emphasise the style of the space or the overall vibe you have been trying to create.

Sometimes, you might want something other than the main light on in the evenings. Instead, you can use the light source from your choice of lamps to create a warm ambience, ideal for the tone you are trying to set.

Adding Decorative Throws And Cushions

Now, we are not saying you should cover your bed or sofa with cushions – although it does help to make the space more inviting! Adding a decorative cushion, whether it be brightly coloured or features a bold print, to a sofa, chair, or bed can help to add a finishing touch to the space.

Consider it like the cherry on top of a cake – it can be the missing piece that helps to bring the space together. It can feature the room’s colour schemes or add a nice contrast to the space.

The same is applied to adding a throw on the back of the sofa or at the foot of the bed. It can bring the colour scheme or aesthetic of the space together. An additional bonus it is great to have it close by when the weather turns a bit colder!

Organisation Of Bookshelves And Open Units

Adding more storage solutions is often one of the main goals for a room renovation. Rooms might have been extended to accommodate new storage spaces, or shelves could have been added to draw attention upwards whilst adding innovative storage solutions.

Adding shelves or bookshelves into a room helps to create great storage options.

Of course, the primary purpose of bookshelves is for you to store your books. However, it can also make an excellent decorative feature in a room. You can organise your books by colour, colour coding them, creating a rainbow effect or by size.

Find a way of organising your books that suits your taste, and that blends in with the style of the room. You can also add photographs, plants and other trinket items to add character to these shelves.

As you can see, there are many home furnishing ideas you can use to help you complete your latest room renovation. Each one can be tailored to suit your style and budget whilst helping to bring your visions to life.

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