Omnie LowBoard 15 Underfloor Heating

Roger is back with the next episode of our extension series and he has an Omnie underfloor heating system to install.

The first floor is completed using Omnie LowBoard 15. LowBoard is a 15mm thick square-edged wood board water underfloor heating panel floated or mechanically fixed over a flat and even timber or solid subfloor.

To avoid underfloor heating problems when using tiles, we recommend LowBoard is mechanically fixed, you’ll also need to refer to the tiler’s recommendations.

The low panel height makes it suitable where there’s limited floor-to-ceiling height to install a conventional underfloor heating system.

The panel has a multi-directional design for ease of installation. The universal panel is simply laid across the floor with no loop ends and straights to configure. The foil diffuser further increases the output and is pierced as the pipe is pressed into the channels.

A finished floor deck or 6mm ply, MDF or similar is mechanically fixed over the LowBoard panels to complete the floor.

Omnie LowBoard Spec

OMNIE LowBoard system using 12mm PE-RT pipe to DIN 4726.

The 15mm LowBoard panels to be laid fully-floating or mechanically fixed as a continuous layer over a sub-floor. Next, a minimum of 6mm covering layer such as flooring grade ply is then mechanically fixed over the LowBoard panels. If timber or laminate is used there is no need for a covering layer on top of LowBoard.

For tile & decorative floor finishes the LowBoard panels will require fixing to screed or a deflection free timber floor with a minimum 6mm flooring grade ply or tilebacker board mechanically fixed over.

Please refer to the Tilemaster Adhesives Ltd specification guide (IG UFH 23, see link below) or obtain specific conformation and guidance from floor finish installer or manufacturer/supplier.

The system is to be designed, installed and commissioned to BS1264.

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See our Timoleon underfloor heating video:

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