Why did we make an impact driver test?

On Friday 9th February we released our showdown of eight of the big players in the impact driver arena to help you identify the best impact driver for your needs.

Roger Bisby put drivers from Bosch, Dewalt, Hitachi, Hilti, Makita, Metabo, Milwaukee and Panasonic through their paces.

Explaining the thinking behind the latest test, Roger comments: “We set this test up with different machines because most tests run near identical machines against each other and it tells the viewer nothing.

“We wanted to find out just how different the machines could be and run them across a variety of tasks. We also took them out on site to do some real work.

All the machines were phenomenal but some more so than others.

“One of the challenges was finding a consistent test. Some people said concrete is better than oak in this respect but we found that some impact drivers stripped the concrete thread more than others so we came up with a solid piece of seasoned Engish Oak. To give you some idea of how hard this is, we couldn’t even get the screws to turn with a socket set. All the machines were phenomenal but some more so than others.

“We put the test out there and we tried to be fair but some people are questioning the results and it looks like a re-run may be needed. We are asking viewers for suggestions on how to make it fairer.

Roger concludes: “Everyone has been asking us for this test and, to their credit, the manufacturers were all up for it. The DeWalt was impressive, no doubt, but is the difference enough to make you abandon your favourite brand​?”

The recent introduction of quiet fluid drives into impact drivers which have traditionally been notoriously noisy is also worth highlighting. In certain areas where noise is an issue and considerate construction is a priority the quiet fluid drive is likely to be a real bonus.

As well as the impact driver test conclusion above, links to the full reviews of each impact driver are listed below.

As always we would love your feedback and suggestions for the next test – please share your thoughts on our YouTube channel or in the comments below.

Bosch GDX 18 V-EC – https://youtu.be/8UifYYM3RbA

Dewalt DCF887 – https://youtu.be/xTWJzfxhtZY

Hitachi WH18DBDL – https://youtu.be/KHwS3Tyc0Y4

Hilti SID 4-A22 – https://youtu.be/cWojSxuQkJE

Makita DTS141 & DTD170 – https://youtu.be/JvBPhFzsuL4

Metabo SSW 18 LTX 400 Impact wrench – https://youtu.be/LZvD-9hveXc

Milwaukee M18 FQID – https://youtu.be/ISE73oT5pLE

Panasonic EY75A7 – https://youtu.be/QnI2f48ygeg

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