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SGN partners with SmartWater to prevent tool theft

UK gas distribution company, SGN has teamed up with SmartWater in an effort to combat the growing trend in tool and van theft.

The utlity provider, that provides gas to 6 million homes, has applied SmartWater’s forensic traceable liquid to all their liveried vehicles, as well as the tools and equipment onboard. The forensic formula contains a unique identifying code, much like DNA, which is registered to SGN. If SGN assets are then stolen and later recovered, irrefutable ownership can be established and the offender can be placed back at the scene of crime.

Senior Security Manager Andrew Sindall said: “SmartWater is a global product and has been used extensively here in the UK and abroad in the initiative to tackle theft. The deterrent power of this well-known brand is recognised in the criminal fraternity and academic studies have shown that 74% of criminals when interviewed, would not go near or target anything displaying SmartWater signs.

academic studies have shown that 74% of criminals when interviewed, would not go near or target anything displaying SmartWater signs

“We have already been working with SmartWater for a number of years around the prevention of metal theft from our sites. As a result, we’ve seen a decrease in the number of reported incidents. Given these successes, we were keen to extend our partnership further to provide even greater protection for our vehicles and high-value tools and equipment.”

SmartWater CEO and Co-Founder Phil Cleary added: “Tool and van theft continues to be a major issue for much of the UK, and so I commend the positive steps taken by our clients to try and reduce the risk to their assets and commercial vehicles. This latest initiative is a great example of the strong, proactive working relationship between our two companies and is testament to the value of the SmartWater brand as an effective and proven deterrent.

Consequently, a powerful warning has now been issued to thieves looking to target SGN assets, as they are unlikely to challenge our 100% conviction rate, allowing SGN to continue to deliver key services uninterrupted.”

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