Every Heating Installer Should Know This

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NRG Awareness https://www.nrgawareness.com With over a century of combined team experience in the heating industry, NRG Awareness is the gold standard for all designers and installers. NRG Awareness is a pioneer in the heating industry, offering energy-effective heating system design combined with ongoing support for installers, resulting in successful partnerships throughout the construction or retrofit process. The NRG Awareness story …

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What Did We Learn from the Heat Loss Survey?

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Nightmare Heat Pump playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvRh7uimDQfdltavC53l7917QDwPwUBUO After conducting a thorough heat loss survey, Roger has a chat with John and the Heat Geeks to determine the best strategy for installing John’s new heat pump. Thanks go to: https://www.heatgeek.com @HeatGeek Tom Plumb https://www.tomplumb.com

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Don’t Miss This Essential Step When Getting a Heat Pump

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John’s Nightmare Heat Pump playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvRh7uimDQfdltavC53l7917QDwPwUBUO https://youtu.be/OkY7tA1en_A Roger observes @HeatGeek conducting a heat loss survey to find a solution for John’s troublesome heat pump arrangement. Check out Heat Geek https://www.youtube.com/@HeatGeek Thanks to Tom Plumb https://www.tomplumb.com __________________________________ Installing an air source heat pump (ASHP) is an increasingly popular choice for homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint and save on heating …

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Weasel Government Scraps Boiler Tax but Blames Others

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Newsletter ▶ https://skill-builder.uk/signup ◀ https://youtu.be/FOqBNmcFMBQ Roger looks at the CHMM scheme controversy. The UK’s ‘Clean Heat Market Mechanism’ (CHMM), a policy initiative to reduce the country’s carbon footprint, has faced significant criticism for its implementation and, particularly, its strategy of fining gas boiler manufacturers. This approach accelerated the transition from traditional gas boilers to greener heating solutions. However, the mechanism …

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Brick Wall Cracks: Investigating Common Causes

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Newsletter ▶ https://skill-builder.uk/signup ◀ 🎬 Ask Skill Builder Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvRh7uimDQfeARPDGL8GLsJ1Saxlx6scI Roger is back with more cracked brickwork to examine. ______________________________ WHY DO BRICK WALLS CRACK? Brick walls are admired for their aesthetic appeal and durability, often serving as a sturdy façade for buildings for decades. However, even the strongest brick walls are not immune to cracking, a problem that can …

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How Much CO2 Does a Climate Change Conference Produce?

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Newsletter ▶ https://skill-builder.uk/signup ◀ The United Nations Climate Change Conference is riddled with hypocrisy. The Paradox of Climate Commitment: A Closer Look at the United Nations Climate Change Conference The United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNCCC), a gathering heralded as a beacon of global environmental action, paradoxically often becomes a stage for an unsettling display of hypocrisy. As delegates from …

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Is xTool P2 the Ultimate Laser Engraver & Cutter?

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See the xTool Winter Flash Sale Deals. xTool P2: https://www.xtool.com/?ref=kzG6BNA4sWTh-D&utm_medium=5306&utm_source=influencer Trade in any open diode machine for an enclosed xTool and get up to $500 off. Plus, get a free Fire Safety Set for your peace of mind. xTool Trade-in: https://www.xtool.com/?ref=kzG6BNA4sWTh-D&utm_medium=5306&utm_source=influencer xTool P2 Versatile and Smart Desktop 55W CO2 Laser Cutter The XTool P2 Laser Engraver is an advanced laser …

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Banks Buying Homes ~ What Does It Mean For You?

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Newsletter ▶ https://skill-builder.uk/signup ◀ In recent years, the UK housing market has witnessed a novel trend: banks increasingly show interest in the property rental sector. This shift could potentially reshape the housing landscape in the UK, with far-reaching implications for renters, homeowners, and the economy at large. Traditionally, banks have been the gatekeepers of mortgages, enabling individuals to purchase homes. …

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Small Kitchen Design on a Budget: Affordable DIY Upgrades

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DIY Kitchens – Revolutionising beautiful kitchens online https://diy-kitchens.com See how their kitchens are made: https://diy-kitchens.com/about-diy-kitchens See how DIY Kitchens compare to Wren, Howdens, Magnet, Wickes, B&Q and Ikea. https://diy-kitchens.com/about-diy-kitchens/price-and-quality-comparison https://youtu.be/GEb0xdY4leQ ___________________________ SMALL KITCHEN DESIGN Designing a small kitchen requires thoughtful planning and creative use of space. Here are some key considerations: Maximize Storage: In a small kitchen, efficient storage is …

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The Damp Wall Mystery ~ Can You Solve It?

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Newsletter ▶ https://skill-builder.uk/signup ◀ Karim has a damp problem and needs Roger’s support. Here’s his message: Hi Roger, please see the attached photos/video. The flooring in my mum’s room is SPC (vinyl, with stone backing 6mm), but other parts of the house have real wood flooring. Let me know if you want more videos/photos. Thanks, Karim

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Why Do We Put Up With This Rubbish?

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Newsletter ▶ https://skill-builder.uk/signup ◀ The Growing Challenge of Waste Disposal in the UK: A Precursor to Fly-tipping In the United Kingdom, the escalating difficulty of disposing of waste materials has become a significant concern, with the ominous shadow of fly-tipping looming ever more significant. As the country grapples with stringent regulations, limited access to recycling centres, and escalating disposal costs, …

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How to Move a Door Frame Over ~ DIY Guide

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Moving a door frame in an old Victorian house can be challenging due to these buildings' age and construction style. The process involves several steps, including removing the existing frame, cutting out old bricks, constructing new stud work, and finishing with plaster.

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Build a Better Soakaway in a Day!

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Newsletter ▶ https://skill-builder.uk/signup ◀ Thanks go to Sam and Jen. Check them out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sandjwardbespokefurniture Soakaways are an essential yet often underappreciated component of modern drainage systems, particularly in areas prone to heavy rainfall or with impermeable soil. A soakaway is a simple structure that allows water to percolate back into the ground, away from buildings and other structures …

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Drax ~ The Eco Friendly Power Station That’s the Opposite

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Newsletter ▶ https://skill-builder.uk/signup ◀ The Truth Behind The Greenwashing Drax Power Station, located in North Yorkshire, England, is one of the largest power plants in the UK. It has been a subject of intense debate and scrutiny over its environmental impact and sustainability claims. Once primarily a coal-fired plant, Drax has transitioned a significant portion of its operations to biomass, …

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Why Are So Many Builders Running Away?

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Newsletter ▶ https://skill-builder.uk/signup ◀ Why are so many builders leaving the industry? ______________________ In addition to the factors mentioned by Roger, the issue of builders in the UK leaving the industry for other careers is multifaceted, involving various social, economic, and industry-specific factors. Here are some of the key reasons: Aging Workforce: The construction industry has an ageing workforce, with …

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