Stud Work Like a Pro with Robin – Capel #10

Get your stud work framing in like a pro! Robin shows you how he cuts and installs his stud work frames quickly and accurately.

Did we mention he loves Stabila? He’s very happy with his new Stabila Telescopic Spirit Level.

How to Build a Stud Wall with Robin Clevett.

The Capel Build is coming along slowly but surely and we’ll be spending more time inside from now on and the next episode will show you Robin’s MVHR system from Lindab.

Buy the products in this video

🛒 Stabila 17708 Extendable Box Level

🛒 Festool HKC 55 Circular Saw

About Dylan Garton

Dylan Garton is a cofounder of Skill Builder and freelance video producer, camera operator and video editor.


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