The Old Mould Problem Returns – ASB #15

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Adrian Reynolds has black mold around his window reveals. He’s tried cleaning with bleach, used a dehumidifier and seeks pearls of wisdom to help get rid of it.

Chris Stephenson would like to install a designer ceiling extractor over an island but is worried about fiddling with joists.

Ryan Thorpe is a 21-year-old bricklayer from Lincolnshire who just left his gang because of money problems and now self-employed working big sites. He needs to find someone to work with.

Will Laurie just moved house and has a wetroom/toilet in the garage. There is a sanishower pump getting rid of the water, but the shower basin fills up faster than the water leaves.

Richard Matzak had problems with a digital RF thermostat (Salus RT300RF) and changed it to a Nest. The problem was the radio frequency using the same as a neighbour’s.

Zak Haque bought a house and is in the middle of refurbishing. He’s partitioned the existing bathroom in to two, and is looking for fitters but has not been happy with the approach most fitters want to take.

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