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Loft Conversion Advice & Tiling onto Tiles ~ ASB #20

Loft Conversions & Tiling onto Tiles ASB #20

Send us your pictures and videos: Bhajan Pabla has syphon problems in with his toilet that’s not functioning properly. Jake Mariner wants to do a loft conversion on a budget. Phil Bishop wants to know if it’s possible to tile onto tiles. Rob Field is refitting a shower enclosure and trying to decide on the fittings.

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Tricky Joists & Wonky Ceiling – ASB #19

Tricky Joists & Wonky Ceiling

Send us your pictures and videos: A full range of Built-In, timber to timber, long leg and face fix joist hangers, all designed and manufactured in house.

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Driveway Sealers & Things Beyond Repair – ASB #18

Driveway Sealers

Send us your pictures and videos: Alastair is about to get a new block driveway and asks should he seal the drive and what block paving sealant would we recommend. Everbuild and Sika are two options. Everbuild Path and Paving Sealers: The Sika range includes elastic sealing and bonding solutions, joint sealants for facades or resistant sealants for …

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