Who Needs a Waste Carrier Licence? – ASB #10

Chris Peacock has a broken fence falling onto a public footpath which is about two metres lower than his lawn.

Dave Madden has been asked if he has a waste carrier licence and wonders if he needs one.

He looked into it more and was shocked to read about a roofer Stewart Gosling being fined £300 for carrying sandwich wrappers and crisp packets in his van along with other rubbish and no licence!

Kate Bradley used a builder to build a new drain system but for some reason said he would do the remaining work later on but never returned.

Matt Sidebottom is building an extension over a garage and wants to know if cutting out some of the PIR board depth cause any issues?

Wayne Brown attempted to insulate an attic bedroom roof with 100mm of insulation board.

Is this enough insulation? and is this the correct way to insulate a traditional roof without removing the slates?

GTEC Vapour Board with an additional laminated vapour control layer.
<a href="https://www.siniat.co.uk/en/products-and-systems/products/internal-boards/gtec-vapour-board"www.siniat.co.uk/en/products-and-systems/products/internal-boards/gtec-vapour-board

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