Damp in the Extension & Solo Building – ASB #16

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Alex Porter is trying to fix a leaky tap and replace the cartridge.

Bandy has an outbuilding attached to the side of his house that suffers from damp and mould during the winter.

Bill Booth is building an extension and wants to reduce thermal bridging.

Neil Lennon is trying to overhaul his sanitary wear in his ensuite bathroom on a very tight budget (while managing Celtic).

007 is a self-taught builder who has watched our bathroom videos and is learning tricks of the trade and has decided to build a wet room for his mum using an Abacus Infinity Single Fall Shower Tray.

Tim Margereson is a sole trading builder in North Norfolk. He does entire jobs from footings to finishings except for electrics or heating all on his own and only works for about a dozen customers and keeps doing the rounds for them year after year. He invited us over for a cup of tea!

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