The Fox in the Box & Rendering Advice – ASB #12

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Justin Sider is having lots of problems with foxes pooping in his garden and making loud noises at night that make his dogs bark. Fox poop is also a popular moisturise with Cocker Spaniels and hard to remove unless you have some tomato ketchup to hand.

Tim Overall has a path in need of repair down the side of his mother’s bungalow and it has sunk to ground level in the middle with a massive crack.

Mr G wants to render a few walls using 5 1 1 mix but some people have said to PVA the wall first but some say not to use PVA. We like using SBR instead and there’s quite a bit of good advice here for the person known as ‘G’.

Jerry Moffat is changing a radiator in his living room. The flow goes in at the top right-hand corner and the return out of the bottom left. Can we see any reason why he can’t install it the same way?

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