Leaking Porch & The Mystery Cesspit – ASB #9

Vitaseal 600 TRS Expanding Foam Tape: passivehousesystems.co.uk/product/vitaseal-expanding-foam-tape/

Surrey Outlet Flange 1″ (22mm): https://www.toolstation.com/surrey-outlet-flange/p86467

Don Morrow has found a cesspit while digging foundations and wants to know if he can just fill it in.

Leaking Porch Problem

Alex Hiscox is having a rainwater leak problem with a newly built UPVC porch.

Matt Gillham has purchased a fully-enclosed toilet and asks what is the best way to connect this.

Richard Pace has lined a shower area with elements boards and wants to know when tiling, does he use grout or silicone sealant in the wall corners and floor to wall interface.

Dave Jöde from DJSP Cornwall Plumbing & Heating wants a second opinion on Surrey flanges.

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