How To Solder Copper Pipes Like A Pro

Roger shows us how to solder copper pipework like a pro.

Fluxuator Dual Head Flux Applicator 15mm & 22mm

Pipestation Map Plus Pro Blow Torch

LA-CO Cool Gel Heat Barrier Spray

SPRAYZ Large 500ml Spray Bottle


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00:00 Preparation
01:54 Applying flux
02:56 Cleaning pipe
03:42 Soldering fitting
04:12 End feed fitting
05:17 Fluxuator
06:16 Heat matt
07:04 Pipe clips
07:47 Blow lamp
08:06 How much solder?
08:52 Soldering
10:23 Final thoughts

About Dylan Garton

Dylan Garton is a co-founder, video producer and editor for the Skill Builder social media platforms.

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