Hultafors Craftsman's knife

Hultafors Craftsman’s knife range extended

Hultafors Tools has extended its range of Knives specifically for craftspeople.

With a selection of Heavy Duty Knives, Safety Knives, Chisel Knives and Utility Knives already available from Hultafors in the UK, there’s also specially designed and developed products for Electricians, Plumbers and Painters.

The new Knives include those for general-purpose outdoor use as well as ones for precision tasks. Each Hultafors Craftsman’s knife is ergonomically designed and made from the highest quality Japanese steel, which is honed and sharpened for durability and effectiveness.

The Handles are made from a friction-grip Santoprene and Sheaths are made from extra durable polypropylene plastic with special fasteners so they can easily be carried on Snickers working clothes.

What’s more, all the different knives are colour coded so you can pick the right one first time from your Toolbox.

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