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Capel #9 – Installing Korniche Roof Lanterns

Installing Korniche Roof Lanterns

Roger and Robin see if they can install three Korniche Roof Lanterns in one morning and get Robin home and dry! Perfect for lightening dark rooms. See our detailed installation video: https://youtu.be/usMK-VybGKU Check out Korniche Roof Lanterns, bi-folding doors and conservatories from Made for Trade: https://www.madefortrade.co #CapelBuild #RobinClevett #RoofLantern

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Installing the Roof Maker Slimline Roof Lantern

How to Install a Roof Maker Slimline Roof Lantern

Roger and Robin really enjoyed creating our step-by-step guide to installing a Roof Maker Slimline Roof Lantern. The English language can be confusing especially when you throw in some building terms. We have skylights, roof windows and roof lanterns. A roof lantern is not actually a lantern but a glass structure with pitched sides. Its purpose is to provide light. …

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