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4 Points to Ponder for a Clean Home and a Clearer Mind

Man cleaning window at home

Are you always wondering why stress worsens each time you come home to a dishevelled and grimy place? Most of us, if not all, experience this kind of stress every single day of our lives. Well, you’re not alone. Due to a “materialistic mindset,” people tend to buy anything they want without control, unable to see that it will only …

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Why is Your Freezer Frosting & Fridge Freezing

Roger has some problems with his Haier fridge. The freezer is frosting up and the fridge is freezing over. He has a solution and it’s not cheap sadly. Refrigerator repair is very hit and miss and the engineers are far too quick to replace random parts, so Roger has some very good fridge troubleshooting advice, which is to buy a …

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