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Web Based Tool Allows Builders to Easily Share Portfolios of Their Work

A new web-based tool designed to transform the way that building professionals market and sell products and services, has been launched worldwide – and is said to be so affordable that even the smallest company or contractor can benefit.

BuildFolio offers builders the chance to promote business or practice for just £2.99 a month and promises no contracts, no hassles and no hidden terms.

It’s a living real-time history or brochure of every business, designed to keep companies in charge of every sale, allowing them to respond instantly to a customer’s needs with marketing and sales information directly from any mobile device or PC.

BuildFolio was inspired by one simple question that every customer asks at some time during the sales process: “Show me what you have done for other customers in my area?”

BuildFolio has been designed by construction professionals for everyone who works in the built environment. It was inspired by one simple question that every customer asks at some time during the sales process: “Show me what you have done for other customers in my area?”

“Those customers want to check out past projects for peace of mind but, regardless of how large or small your company, practice or organisation, your only response until now has been to refer them to your website and that’s where you lose control,” said Colin Felton, Chief Executive of TTK based in Maidstone, Kent, in the south-east of the UK, the company behind Buildfolio.

“Most people now realise that this is not a good option. Firstly you are putting the onus on the customer to find what he or she is looking for and then you have to ask how good or user friendly is my website?

How easy is it to find projects loaded up a year or more ago? What details are relevant to your customers? This is particularly the case for smaller companies and I am delighted that they will particularly benefit from using this new innovation”

Subscribers to BuildFolio can respond immediately using the built-in GPS system to identify nearby projects that can be instantly e-mailed to customers.

Each project includes up to three images, the subscriber’s company logo and website details for more information, which can be accessed via the BuildFolio central server.

Loading up to 50 projects on to any phone or tablet is quick and easy via a PC allowing subscribers to respond to customer needs anywhere in the world.

BuildFolio is said to work equally well for small sole traders up to major multinational organisations, architects and other construction professionals, giving them the freedom to showcase projects at a remarkable value for money price.

It’s the solution that keeps you talking so that you can close the sale before leaving the call.

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