Workplace fatality figures

Workplace fatality figures reveal need for modern training methods

The construction industry must do more to ensure health and safety compliance and avoid incidents, according to specialist training provider Develop Training Limited (DTL).

The company’s comments follow publications of the Health & Safety Executive’s annual workplace fatality figures, which revealed that across the UK, more than 135 workers were fatally injured between April 2016 and March 2017 with the largest share of fatal incidents in the construction sector.

There were 30 deaths in the sector in the 12 months covered by the report, and the annual average rate over the last five years in construction is around four times as high as the all industry rate.

Although the construction industry has made changes and reduced overall facilitates, national training specialist DTL believes that more effective training can still be deployed to reduce risks.

Steve Braund, Marketing Manager at DTL, explains: “The best way of preventing incidents is to ensure employees are trained efficiently using modern training methods that ensure people learn and retain vital information in a way that works for them. On top of that, and directly related to it, organisations in the construction industry need their people to put procedures in place – and follow them properly.

“As things stand, many construction companies rely on old-fashioned training models that deliver health and safety learning experiences that are soon forgotten. Modern training techniques, by comparison, ensure that responsible persons are trained more effectively than with traditional, classroom-only training. This, coupled with new competency qualifications and compliance processes, gives management real reassurance that employees are equipped to prevent incidents, and prepared for any incidents that do occur.”

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