4 Roofers Couldn’t Solve This Damp Chimney. Can You?

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Roger takes a look at a problem Carl Fielding has with a leaking chimney.

Here is Carl’s message:

I am having issues with my chimney leaking in the attic.

I have had multiple roofers come and look and even had a re-roof done. I was told the issue was gone and even got the attic re-plastered, but the issue is still there. I have had many roofers say different things, from a “Porous” chimney to bad fitting of lead work.

After the many pounds spent and the many useless roofers I have had, I want to try and fix the issue myself. I would classify myself as a good DIYer as I have fitted kitchens, bathrooms, stud walls, fences etc.
I have got to the point where I am watching youtube videos on actually removing the chimney lol.

It would be amazing if you guys could do some videos on repairing an old chimney or lead flashing etc or even common roofing issues as well. Please have a look and see what you think?

Kindest regards, Carl.

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