5 Cheap Heated Jackets — Do They Work?

We test a selection of budget heated jackets that will keep you warm this winter.

Abuytwo: 🛒 https://amzn.to/3rFsLVp

Afunso: 🛒 https://amzn.to/32mXe2a

Aunus: 🛒 https://amzn.to/3GJgLIZ

Rrtizan: 🛒 https://amzn.to/3fMnwxI

Heated Gilet: 🛒 https://amzn.to/3fKbQLX

Dr.Warm Thermal Soles: 🛒 https://amzn.to/3FO8t12

Milwaukee Heated Gear
🔗 https://www.milwaukeetool.com/Products/Work-Gear/Heated-Gear

Regatta Heated Jackets
🔗 https://www.regatta.com/ie/collections/heated-jackets

How Do Heated Jackets Actually Work?

Heated jackets work similarly to heated blankets and heated car seats. During assembly, the back of each jacket is lined with an electronically powered copper heating zone, powered by a battery pack that sits within an inside pocket. They’re toggled on and off via a small temperature control inside the jacket.

Are Heated Jackets Safe?

Yes. Heated jackets are safe, though scepticism on their safety is reasonable as water and electricity don’t make for a healthy combination. If the jacket were to somehow get wet inside the lining, we would advise taking the jacket off and disconnecting the battery immediately, though getting wet won’t damage the jacket. The temperature control embedded within the jacket is waterproof, and you can even wash the jacket in your washing machine as long as the USB battery is removed before washing. It’s also worth noting that you should not use a heated jacket if you suffer from a serious illness or chronic health condition such as heart disease, anaemia, low blood pressure, paralysis, hypertension, diabetes or any other condition that causes poor circulation.

What About Overheating?

Our heated jackets have an internal thermostat so that they only heat up to the desired temperature setting you have set it to. However, if the temperature were to exceed this setting for any reason, there’s a built-in safety cut-out that will turn the jacket off immediately.


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