Alfie Secure Shower Head Fixings – Capel #14

Perfect, watertight, secure connection between pipework and fittings:

Robin is joined by Ty Harnett to look at getting a really secure fixing for his showerheads to make them strong enough for chin-ups!

A faster, more robust and watertight connection for securing fixed shower heads, shower hose wall fittings, wall mounted taps and bar shower valves, WC’s and hand basins.

• Eliminate leaks within walls and floors
• Prevent pipes from being knocked or drilled
• Guarantees perfectly upright shower fittings
• DZR brass for exceptional corrosion resistance
• Reversible manifold for hollow and solid walls
• Dual seal within the wall structure
• Interlocking base plate for various applications
• Prevents depth planning of fittings or using offset adapters

About Dylan Garton

Dylan Garton is a cofounder of Skill Builder and freelance video producer, camera operator and video editor.

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