Avia Secure Smart Lock Installation

We show you how easy it is to install the new Avia Secure Smart Lock in this video sponsored by Mighton Products. Apple have approved this IoT home tech smart door lock and there really is nothing to match it on the market at present.

Find out more: https://www.aviasmart.com

Advanced encryption. Making your home safe and secure.

Unlike some smart locks, Avia uses the latest advanced 256-bit encryption for the transfer of data. Using the latest advanced security protocol provided by Apple HomeKit, widely acknowledged to be the most secure platform available. The communication between the phone and the lock is protected at the highest level possible.

All Avia products are up and running in minutes. The simple set up is supported by video tutorials for all products. To use Avia ‘remotely’ you’ll need to have an Apple hub. This can be an iPad, Apple TV or HomePod. If you just want to use Avia ‘locally’ within the Bluetooth range, you can just use your iPhone, key fob or manual key.

Perfect for Airbnb and rented accommodation where the owner may want to let people in remotely.

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