Builder destroys
Pics. @EHertsRrlPolice

Builder destroys newly built cottages as revenge for not being paid

A disgruntled builder has destroyed a £2.5 million row of newly built cottages in a dispute over pay. 

Pics. @EHertsRrlPolice

Neighbours are said to have seen the man laughing and taking photos while he began demolishing the buildings.

According to the sun neighbours confronted the builder, concerned their homes would be next but the builder said he was only damaging properties on which he was owed money.

The houses were reportedly due to be occupied in weeks but now some of them may now need to be pulled down.

According to Hertfordshire police the offender is in custody while enquiries continue.

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    Why the police lock this man up but leave all those tool thieves roaming the streets at night is beyond me

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