Canary Wharf to Get Turkish Touch with 4 New Lounge Bars

Set to open next year in London’s Canary Wharf district, the four bars will be designed by top Turkish architect Serif Sogukbulak, who is known for his trademark ‘360-degree’ style.

Turkish architect Serif Sogukbulak will both design and oversee construction of four new lounge bars in London’s upscale Canary Wharf, all of which are expected to open – barring unforeseen circumstances – sometime next year.

“In keeping with Canary Wharf’s status as one of London’s most important financial centres, the bars we have planned will be both aesthetically pleasing and ultra-modern in design,” Sogukbulak says.

The projects are to be built in line with Sogukbulak’s signature “360-degree” style, affording patrons a sweeping panoramic view of the area. “We plan to combine the traditional lounge-bar model with cutting-edge design concepts, with a view to optimising their suitability for entertainment,” the architect says.

Canary Wharf Upgraded

One of the four bars will be located on the roof of the Radisson Hotel in the trendy North Greenwich Peninsula, a mere ten-minute walk from the world-famous O2 Arena.

Sublime Aesthetic – Visual Splendour

The new lounge bars will also be designed in accordance with Sogukbulak’s “Sublime Aesthetic” principle, by which the highest-quality materials are used to create an atmosphere that is both visually appealing and entirely unique.

According to the architect, “every aspect” of the four projects will be characterised by this guiding principle, including the building exteriors, interior décor, bar fixtures and furniture.

For example, all four lounge bars will prominently feature hand-made ceramic tiling designed and created specifically for ambitious projects.

A City of ‘Endless Possibilities’

With Master’s Degrees in both architecture and interior design, Sogukbulak is the CEO of Richard Home, a prominent Istanbul-based architectural firm.

In recent years, Richard Home has designed a number of high-end cafes and restaurants in both Europe and the Arab Gulf region.

“We look forward to bringing our considerable design experience to Canary Wharf,” Sogukbulak says, going on to point out that he always chooses his projects based on his own particular interests and unique artistic vision.

Richard Home is currently planning to open an office in the UK sometime next year. “We’re very excited about having a presence in London, which offers endless possibilities for our team of passionate young designers.”

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