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Getting back to basics – Training & Development in the Construction Industry

ITC Concepts

Serena Kennedy, HR Manager for fit out and refurbishment experts, ITC Concepts, explains why she believes investing in the future of employees working in the construction industry pays dividends. In October 2017, ITC Concepts won the Croydon Business Excellence award for Employee Training and Development. We couldn’t have been prouder – investment in our employees, through various types of development …

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Developer chooses Mumford & Wood for personal development in Poole

Timber Conservation windows and doors

Timber Conservation windows and doors by Mumford & Wood have been specified by a building developer for his own residential property in Poole, Dorset.  This large coastal town, once a maritime trade hub, has attracted tourists and visitors to its beaches and landscapes for many decades and is an established area of beauty. The 1950s cottage-style property was purchased by …

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Working Safely in the Sun

Working Safely in the Sun

Dressing right for your working environment is very important—not only for working efficiency but also for UV protection in the summer.

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Solar PV In Part Shaded Locations

solar pv

The Evolution of Solar PV Technology 📪 Newsletter: Over the past 15 years, solar photovoltaic (PV) technology has undergone significant transformations, revolutionizing its efficiency, cost, and accessibility. This period has seen solar energy transition from a niche, expensive option to a mainstream energy source, driven by relentless innovations and global sustainability targets. Advancements in Efficiency One of the …

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Electric Vehicle Showdown ~ Is China Outpacing the West?

global ev showdown is china outpacing the west youtube thumbnail

China's control over crucial resources like lithium and cobalt, coupled with their advanced manufacturing capabilities, positions them at the forefront of the global Electric Vehicle industry.

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Jewson Live is Back and Going on Tour

Jewson Live

Jewson Live, the annual event for the UK’s professional tradespeople is back – and for the first time ever, will be touring the UK.

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Shooting the Breeze | The Wind Power Gamble

shooting the breeze the wind power gamble youtube thumbnail

📪 Newsletter: As we venture deeper into the era of renewable energy, wind turbines have become a beacon of green innovation. However, the journey towards a sustainable future is fraught with unseen challenges and economic intricacies. In this video, we unravel the layers of wind energy economics, from the plummeting costs and increased profitability of wind turbines to the …

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Weasel Government Scraps Boiler Tax but Blames Others

weasel government scraps boiler tax but blames others youtube thumbnail

The UK's 'Clean Heat Market Mechanism' (CHMM), a policy initiative to reduce the country's carbon footprint, has faced significant criticism for its implementation and, particularly, its strategy of fining gas boiler manufacturers.

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Why Are So Many Builders Running Away?

why are so many builders running away youtube thumbnail

The issue of UK builders leaving the industry for other careers is multifaceted, involving various social, economic, and industry-specific factors.

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Why Are We Building New Homes on Flood Plains?

why are we building new homes on flood plains youtube thumbnail

With climate change amplifying weather events, the UK is experiencing increased flooding. Adapting to this reality requires a comprehensive approach involving urban planning, infrastructural development, and community engagement.

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