Canon EOS M50 – Is This a Good Vlogging Camera?

If you’re thinking about starting Vlogging you might be looking for a decent camera that doesn’t cost the earth.

I faced the same challenge when I started my own Vlog and after lots of research, I chose the Canon EOS M50 – in this series I share my findings.

I’ve been using a Sony PXW X70 for filming projects for the Skill Builder channel for a while now along with an iPhone for bits on Facebook and Instagram but once I started my own vlog I needed my own kit.

If money was no object I would have gone for the Panasonic GH5 but I needed something more affordable so after a lot of research I chose the Canon M50 because I decided it was the best vlogging camera for me.

It had to be something lightweight and compact so I didn’t have to think twice about taking it out and about with me and I wanted it to be easy-to-use but also capable of capturing quality content with 4K capability.

Stills are also really important for me so I needed something that could also take a good picture.

When I was researching the Canon M50 I found it really difficult to find simple sample video footage and stills examples so I have shared some in this video and even put the video footage up against footage from my iPhone so you can see the distinction.

Canon EOS M50 Kit

I spent £749 on the Canon M50 complete with the 15-45EF-M Kit lens so it’s not the cheapest vlogging camera but it was the best cheapest quality vlogging camera I could find and definitely the best Canon vlogging camera for my needs. It’s a good starter vlogging camera if it’s within your budget.

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