Pecavoid Max Frank ~ The Capel Build #2

It’s time for the second instalment of the Capel Build which follows the renovation and extension of an unusual property designed by architect Michael Newberry in Surrey.

Carpenter and Builder Robin Clevett is taking the first glass and steel house in the UK which was built in 1957 and extending it and refurbishing it while paying homage to its original design values.

Pecavoid Max Frank

The building was revolutionary at the time it was constructed when similar structures had been built across parts of California but they’d never been done in the UK.

In the second episode of the series, Robin provides an update on the Pecavoid system he has used for the foundations.

A traditional foundation system wasn’t possible for the project because of the clay ground and surrounding vegetation.

Instead, Robin is using the Pecavoid system which is manufactured from interlocking sections of expanded polystyrene and is designed to compress when ground heave takes place.

See more with Robin on Skill Builder.

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