Carpentry Made Simple ~ Rafter Step Off Method

carpentry made simple rafter step off method youtube thumbnail

James shows us how to calculate your rafter length with a neat trick. 🎬 Carpentry Playlist ~ ______________________________ Tracer AMK1 Deep Pencil Marker 🛒 Silverline SL35 Steel Framing Square 🛒 Siumir 150 x 300 mm Stainless Steel Square 🛒 Stanley Carpenters Steel Roofing Square 🛒 Johnson Level 400mm x 600mm Metric Steel Framing Roofing Square …

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The Tall Carpenter Door Lining Jig ~ 2-Minute Tip

the tall carpenter door lining jig 2 minute tip youtube thumbnail

Thanks to @The Tall Carpenter, please head over and subscribe to him: Ian is loving the door lining jig idea he got from The Tall Carpenter and shows us how a simple jig can help to place door linings at the correct height, without the need for floor packing, when being fitted before the floor is finished.

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The Key to Good Apprenticeships ~ With IronmongeryDirect

the key to good apprenticeships with ironmongerydirect youtube thumbnail

Enter IronmongeryDirect’s competition to win £5,000 towards hiring an apprentice. Follow IronmongeryDirect on Instagram The Key to Good Apprenticeships ~ With IronmongeryDirect

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Dot & Dabbing Plasterboard ~ Extension Build #12

dot dabbing plasterboard extension build 12 youtube thumbnail

🛒 Snapback Chalk Line: 🛒 ForgeFast Wood Screws: 🛒 Festool Drywall Screwdriver: 🛒 Klip-Ez: _______________________ RELATED VIDEO LINKS 🎬 How To Build An Extension series playlist: 🎬 How to Cut Hip Rafters: 🎬 Ultimate Roofing Square: 🎬 6 Roofing Squares Compared: 🎬 How to Make a Tusk Tenon Joint Like a Pro: …

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Splay Cut Trade Trick ~ 2 Minute Tip

splay cut trade trick 2 minute tip youtube thumbnail

Ultimate Roofing Square (Imperial version, USA and Canadian Market) 🛒 🛒 Tracer Deep Hole Pencil: The Imperial Roofing Square makes building a pitched roof effortless and extremely quick. This version of the square uses Inches instead of millimetres. It is designed for the USA and Canadian markets where run over rise per 12inches is common. Use of great …

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How To Fit Herringbone Joist Struts Like a Pro

how to fit herringbone joist struts like a pro youtube thumbnail

Dan Cox shows us how to install floor joist cross bracing or herringbone struts. Check out Dan’s Ultimate Roofing Square 🛒 ____________________________________ SEE DAN’S OTHER SKILL BUILDER VIDEOS 🎬 Roof Construction Trade Masterclass: 🎬 Roof Framing Masterclass British Style: 🎬 Dan’s 2-minute Tip: 🎬 6 Roofing Squares Compared:

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Plasterboarding ~ Extension Build #11

plasterboarding extension build 11 youtube thumbnail

James & Ian share the Festool Drywall Screwdriver in Part 11 of our How To Build An Extension series. Check out ForgeFast Elite Performance wood screws: 🛒 Festool DWC 18-4500 Li 5,2-Plus 18v Drywall Screwdriver: 🛒 Klip-Ez: 🛒 DeWalt DCS356N 18v XR Multi-Tool (body only): 🛒 DeWalt DCS356 18v XR Multi-Tool Kit: _______________________ RELATED VIDEO …

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Clean & Protected Hands with Big Wipes ~ 2-Minute Tip

clean protected hands with big wipes 2 minute tip youtube thumbnail

Check out the Big Wipes antiviral product range: James has a 2-minute tip for quick, clean and disinfected hands. ____________________________________________ What are Heavy-Duty ProPlus Big Wipes? Heavy-Duty ProPlus antiviral and antibacterial wipes are effective hand cleaning and disinfecting wipes. Power cleansers tackle the toughest grime and skin conditioners help to protect and moisturise the skin. Antiviral and Antibacterial Protection …

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Does Klip-ez Make Cutting Plasterboard More Accurate?

does klip ez make cutting plasterboard more accurate youtube thumbnail

This Tool Makes Your Board Cuts Fast & Accurate. James tries out Klip_ez. Klip_ez Time Saving Tools: ABOUT KLIP_EZ KLIP_EZ is a new concept in board technology; compact and affordable allowing you to measure and cut boards with accuracy. The easy-to-use tool makes cutting accurate, allowing a single user to cut boards quickly, without any help. Easy to store …

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Building The Stud Walls ~ Extension Build #9

building the stud walls extension build 9 youtube thumbnail

James builds the interior stud walls in Part 9 of our How To Build An Extension series. We love ForgeFast Elite Performance wood screws! Knightsbridge lighting & wiring accessories:

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