Kitchen Refurbishment – 7 Day Makeover

kitchen refurbishment 7 day makeover youtube thumbnail

Roger follows a kitchen refurbishment project with a new group of tradesmen. Meadvale Builders 🔗 Reigate Plasterers 🔗 Surrey Kitchen Installations 🔗 Stonefish Mosaics Floor Tiling Specialist 🔗 Good Wood Floors 🔗

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Keyfix Cavity Tray – Solving the Non-combustible Challenge

keyfix cavity tray solving the non combustible challenge youtube thumbnail

Roger demonstrates the Keyfix Non-combustible Cavity Tray System. ABOUT KEYFIX Keyfix is setting new standards in the delivery of Non-combustible Cavity Tray Systems for projects requiring Document B compliance in buildings utilising steel frame systems in the external cavity. The innovative non-combustible A1 fire rated Cavity Tray system is a practical solution to provide DPC protection over lintels, masonry …

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How To Cut Insulation Board Perfectly Straight

how to cut insulation board perfectly straight youtube thumbnail

Check out our 2-minute tip playlist. ▶ Roger shows us how he likes to cut PIR board or PUR board with perfectly straight edges without using expensive power tools. If you’re happy to spend the money, check out the Festool ISC 240. 🛒 Festool ISC 240 Basic: 🛒 Festool ISC 240 + Batteries: 🛒 Festool ISC 240 …

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Battery Powered Nailers ~ DeWalt v Milwaukee v HiKOKI

battery powered nailers dewalt v milwaukee v hikoki youtube thumbnail

The Milwaukee M18 FFN, DeWalt DCN692N and HiKOKI NR1890DC framing nailers are out for review on-site for feedback from real builders who use nailers every day. Will they be willing to swap their Paslode gas nailers for the latest battery-powered machines? Framing nailer specs: Milwaukee M18 FFN

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HELP! Our Houses Are Falling Down

help our houses are falling down youtube thumbnail

Mica Action Group : Paddy Diver : Official Twitter : FACEBOOK ========= Mica Action Group 100% Redress NO LESS! YOUTUBE ======== ABOUT ====== The Mica Action Group are concerned Donegal homeowners who have come together, following observation of unusual and severe cracking problems to their houses. The group are seeking to secure a full …

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The End Is Nigh (hopefully not for James) – Extension #38

the end is nigh hopefully not for james extension 38 youtube thumbnail

James isn’t feeling great this week, so it’s a good job he’s got plenty of help. _______________________ RELATED VIDEO LINKS 🎬 How To Build An Extension series playlist: 🎬 How to Cut Hip Rafters: 🎬 Ultimate Roofing Square: 🎬 6 Roofing Squares Compared: 🎬 How to Make a Tusk Tenon Joint Like a Pro: _________________________________________________________________ …

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Why Do You Have Condensation in Your New Roof?

why do you have condensation in your new roof youtube thumbnail

ROGER RECOMMENDS: Cromar Vent 3 high-performance breathable roof underlay ▶ DuPont Tyvek Supro Breather Membrane ▶ Klober Permo Air Vapour Permeable Air Breathable Roof Underlay ▶ Thermafleece Breather Membrane 100gsm ▶

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Why Do Diamond Blades Sometimes Not Cut? With CorePlus

why do diamond blades sometimes not cut with coreplus youtube thumbnail

Sponsored by CorePlus Specialist Diamond Cutting Blades. ▶ Discover more with CorePlus: About CorePlus As specialists in diamond cutting, CorePlus offers a comprehensive range of Diamond Cutting Blades, Dry Diamond Core Drill Bits, Diamond Tile Drill Bits and Diamond Hole Saws. The product ranges utilise the very latest design innovations and technological advancements in diamond cutting. The easiest to …

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How To Fit A Shower Tray So It’s Watertight – Extension #37

how to fit a shower tray so its watertight extension 37 youtube thumbnail

Roger and James fit a Mira Flight shower tray, confident that it’ll be leak-free for many years. ▶ Classi Seal Flexible Waterproof Upstand 🛒 Everbuild Aquaseal Waterproof Tanking Membrane 🛒 OB1 Multi-Surface Sealant & Adhesive 🛒 _______________________ RELATED VIDEO LINKS 🎬 How To Build An Extension series playlist: 🎬 How to Cut Hip Rafters: …

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Easy Loft Ladder Installation ~ Extension #36

easy loft ladder installation extension 36 youtube thumbnail

🛒 🛒 Tracer AMK1 Deep Pencil Marker: The Keylite Loft Ladder. Simple, fast installation. With pre-installed Flick-Fit brackets, allowing installation from below the loft, and with a unique detachable ladder that enables one-person installation, the Keylite Loft Ladder is designed to make your life easier. _________________________________________________________________ Our thanks go to James and Ian of The Supreme Finishing Company. …

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A Message to Boris at COP26

a message to boris at cop26 youtube thumbnail

Roger is back into heat pumps and looks at the £5000 grants being offered to UK homeowners. Are £5k Grants For Heat Pumps Money Well Spent?

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What’s a Flitch Beam and What are The Benefits? ~ Extension #35

whats a flitch beam and what are the benefits extension 35 youtube thumbnail

James explains what a flitch beam is and what the benefits are. Plus we have a new face. ForgeFast Elite Timber Fixing Screw 🛒 SHOPPING LINKS 🛒 M12 FID Compact 1/4″ Hex Impact Driver: 🛒 Ultimate Roofing Square: 🛒 Tracer AMK1 Deep Pencil Marker: 🛒 Dead On DOS22M Steel Milled Hammer: _______________________ RELATED VIDEO LINKS …

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MK Logic Plus Rapid Fix with Tool-less Cable Clamp

mk logic plus rapid fix with tool less cable clamp youtube thumbnail

MK Electric has created a tool-less, spring-loaded cable clamp termination to its switch sockets, with a view to speeding up the installation time. MK Logic Plus Rapid Fix makes wiring a socket faster, easier and safer through the adoption of screwless terminals. Spring-loaded terminal clamps to ensure no loose wires for a safer connection. Individual terminal entry points, each …

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The Truth About Health and Safety in Construction

the truth about health and safety in construction youtube thumbnail

Health and Safety Gone Mad? Roger’s rant: Roger’s not finished with health and safety just yet, but this isn’t a rant. ▶ HSE Information about health and safety at work:

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